A good website on medieval carpentry

clipped from www.mcah.columbia.edu
Medieval Carpentry: An Introduction
Medieval Carpentry: An Introduction

This briefing is designed as an introduction to medieval structural
carpentry—a topic rarely included in conventional texts
and courses on medieval architecture. Because this subject is
likely unfamiliar, I will introduce some of the major types
of carpentry, investigative tools and approaches, essential
terminology, and some general building categories as a preparation
and context for a more in-depth consideration of two monuments:
the Norman
church of Notre-Dame of Jumièges
near Rouen, France, dating to ca. AD 1035–1067 and second,
the timber-framed complex of urban guild buildings known as
the Lord Leicester (Leycester)
in Warwick,
England, dating roughly between 1346 and 1571
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