Using MapManager 9.1 to Import OS MasterMap

Using MapManager 9.1 to Import OS MasterMap

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To use OS MasterMap data downloaded from Digimap in ArcGIS 9, it is necessary to import the GML data into a Geodatabase. For small datasets (under 2Gb) where multi-user editing is not required, this can be a Personal Geodatabase. For larger amounts of data or where multi-user editing is required, an ArcSDE Geodatabase is required.

Once data has been loaded into the Geodatabase the user has several options with what to do with the data:

  1. Preview the data in ArcCatalog
  2. View and edit the data using ArcMap
  3. Export the data as Shapefiles or in other formats:
    • Using the MapManager 9 OS MasterMap Geodatabase Filter – user can speciofy regions of data to export using a polygon and select specific feature classes to export
    • Using ArcToolbox, export individual feature classes to: Shape, Arc coverages and CAD formats

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