Isle of Wight

just got back from the Isle of Wight, what a fantastic place to visit. The island is scattered with archaeological features from prehistory to modern times. There are plenty of barrows to see all along the ridge ways, and a monolith (Long stone) that is the same type of blue stone used in Stonehenge! There are 2 great Roman villas to visit too, Brading and Newport. Although Brading is the more famous, I think Newport is by far the best visit. The Medieval Castle at Carisbrooke is a must see! Its a truly awesome English Castle.

My main reason for visiting the Isle was to carry out a survey on a Medieval Manor (1440-60). This was an interesting building that fits into my overall study very well indeed.


2 responses to “Isle of Wight

  1. nice one! really like your pics on flickr too

  2. hi glade you enjoyed the visit ,I live here now , but was from surrey and must agree with all your comments……
    carisbrook castle is great charles the 1 was imprisoned there I believe.

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