1st Antiquist Workshop

This has been a great workshop so far (2nd of 3 days). We have learnt how to blog and create php databases. This will be a good tool to disseminate my research, both through this blog and the website.

The second day focused on AMP – MySQL, PHP and servers. I have always used MS Access to create a relational database, but I am now aware of the benefits using MySQL can have over Access. Though Access remains a very good database package, it is not so easy to publish the database online, where as writing in MySQL you can. MySQL though is not the easiest of programs to use, so I may well stick with Access for now and make the switch after the PhD. One of the major benefits of using both php and MySQL over access is that they are both open source programs

Tuesday evenening we were lucky to be able to attend a lecture by Professor Colin Renfrew at the University of Southampton. He lecture was on ‘art & archaeology’. He is still incredibly lucid, but I have to admit, I did not really enjoy or understand the lecture. He talked mainly of how archaeology is reflected in contemporary modern art and vice versa. Modern art is not my thing at all, so I struggled to see a connection. Still, it is always great to see him talk. I was lucky enough to work with Renfrew on the Island of Melos, Greece.


One response to “1st Antiquist Workshop

  1. sounds great, you know your stuff!

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